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About Protech

In 1986, Ronald Parasmo, a state licensed optician in Florida, was approached with an unusual request to repair eyewear. The glasses belonged to a doctor for protection against ionizing radiation and contained leaded lenses. This sparked an interest in Mr. Parasmo who began offering repairs for leaded eyewear.

By 1991, he had developed a full line of radiation safety eyewear with and without prescription. The business began to grow and in 1994, Protech became a corporation.

In 1997, Protech partnered with an Italian glove manufacturer to develop one of the most popular gloves on the market today, the ProGuard Radiation Reducing Surgical Gloves. The following year, the gloves were brought to the market receiving FDA 510(k) approval and quickly gaining popularity. The ProGuard gloves were one of the first gloves to feature anatomically correct fingers, non-beaded cuff and uniform thickness. Protech now distributes over 90,000 pair per year and growing. In 1999, Protech gained ISO and CE certifications on its products.

Several years later, Protech began to produce a non-lead inner protective material for radiation reducing aprons and since has been manufacturing lightweight aprons and accessories.

PPE such as radiation reducing apparel is OSHA required. Protech takes great pride in the quality of its products. Our mission is to keep you safe reducing your exposure to radiation, while also offering lightweight and stylish solutions.

We've got you covered, literally. Protect yourself with PROTECH!